Fall Foliage Report

Soon we will be fascinated with the beautiful colors that the season brings.   Keep a live look on the fall foliage from the Upcountry with our Table Rock webcam, and don’t miss SC State Park’s fall foliage reports posted each Thursday here.

Fall Color Report, November 17, 2021

Leaves are falling and bright hues are fading as the short-lived color peak is past. While higher elevations have become bare, we can enjoy the post-peak display of browns and russets in lower areas that will fit right in with Thanksgiving. Before long, winter will set in with gray hardwood trunks and evergreens dominating the landscape until new leaves start the cycle all over again.  Thank you for following our fall foliage updates this season!  Until 2022…….

Fall Color Report, November 11, 2021

Since last weekend, the peak of fall color has finally arrived! The yellows of hickories and beech, the red or orange of maples, the reds or purples of sourwoods, dogwoods, and sweet gum, and the browns and russets of oaks are all blended together for the ultimate autumn display.  Throw in a few evergreens and the picture is complete.  For a double bonus, find a body of calm water and the forest’s reflection will be stunning.  Enjoy the beauty now as soon it will begin to fade starting at the peaks and gradually down the hillsides.

Fall Color Report, November 3, 2021

Fall color is finally overtaking the green in the forest canopy and we are about at the cusp of the peak for fall foliage.  The first freeze of the season is on tap for the end of the week which should help spur on changes in the leaves. Oranges and reds are popping in the maples as well as golden yellow in the hickories.  Oaks are slowly joining the ranks with deeper reds.

Fall Color Report, October 27, 2021

Nights have finally turned colder and color is creeping down from the mountain high points on a march towards the peak fall foliage display. From a distance, the leaves seem muted but from closer in, forest edges reveal some individual trees that are more vibrant. Sourwoods and dogwoods have gotten deeper or brighter red, maples are becoming more red and hickories are beginning to turn the usual bright yellow. Oaks have yet to add their colors in earnest. It appears we will have to wait until November for the best of show to arrive.

Fall Color Report, October 20, 2021

With the help of some colder nights, the mountain peaks and upper ridges are showing more tinges of the color to come. Lower elevations have yet to give up much of any chlorophyll in the taller trees; however, breaks in the forest such as shorelines, roadsides and field edges are revealing more yellows, dark reds and a few purples in the tree species that are the first to reveal their pretty pigments. The big show is likely at least a couple weeks away yet.

Fall Color Report, October 14, 2021

The oaks and hickories that make up the bulk of the forest canopy are the last trees to change color, so the mountains are still showing plenty of green, but getting more pale. Those large trees tend to hide the understory species and young trees that are displaying the early reds and yellows. Temperatures have remained mild so far, so it could be into November when the foliage reaches its overall color peak.

Fall Color Report, October 7, 2021

Not many obvious changes have taken place with the fall foliage display in the past week. The understory trees of dogwood and sourwood continue to turn a bit more red, and the tulip poplars are turning yellow and starting to shed some leaves as is normal before other trees do. The recent steady rains are contributing to the stripping of some leaves. When a good cool down arrives and nights get chilly, the color march should pick up the pace.

Fall Color Report, September 30, 2021

Another season of fall beauty is almost upon us. As we close out September, there are only a hint of the changes on the way. Trees for the most part are still green but not the same deep green of summer. Some dogwoods and sourwoods are starting to show a bit of red. A few isolated sweet gum and maple trees are also displaying color change. As we wait for cooler overnight temperatures to spur further color, enjoy the splashes of yellow from the abundant goldenrod and other fall wildflowers.

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