Fall Foliage Report

Soon we will be fascinated with the beautiful colors that the season brings.   Keep a live look on the fall foliage from the Upcountry with our Table Rock webcam, and don’t miss SC State Park’s fall foliage reports posted each Thursday here.

October 6, 2022

Summer’s green luster of the forest has faded and further changes are on the way!  As daylight hours lessen and overnight temperatures decline, our mountain foliage starts to reveal the pigments that have been concealed by chlorophyll since spring. As always, the deep reds of the dogwoods, sourwoods, and sweet gums are leading the way along with the tulip poplars which have a mix of lingering green along with bright yellow leaves.  Our stretch of warm, sunny days and cool nights should spur on increased color of other trees soon.

October 13, 2022

The attractive, yellow displays of goldenrod over the past several weeks has been a preview of more sights to come. Scanning the mountain landscape, green leaves still outnumber yellows and reds. However, if one could peek beneath the canopy of oaks, hickories, and maples, fall colors would be revealed on young or understory trees like what we are seeing along the edges of forests by fields, roads and lakeshores.  Changes are picking up the pace, and so far, indications are that we may be enjoying a bit earlier peak than usual, with peak arriving end of October or early November.

October 20, 2022

The mountains have received the first freeze of the season and mild, sunny days are still the trend.  If that combination continues, it should encourage leaves to reveal color quicker.  Already the ridge tops are showing good color and a drive down any road corridor in a hardwood forest has a color peak look to it.  Different tree species have their own time table for peaking but we’ll get our best display when the oaks and hickories start joining the party with the maples and other trees.  The next week may very well bring us to peak color, and the next 2-3 weeks should not disappoint anyone getting out to enjoy the show.

October 27, 2022

The brief span of overnight cold temperatures has helped to push us to the cusp of peak color in the upstate. Much of the green that is seen is that of evergreens as most hardwood trees are in true fall display mode.  The highest ridges are not yet bare so a blanket of reds, yellows and orange leaves covers most of the mountain slopes. Mild temperatures will be holding on into next week so conditions are right for getting out to see the sights. Right now, through the last weekend of the month will likely be our prime viewing window.  However, the first couple weeks in November should provide some nice post-peak colors.

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