Cliff Falls

Cliff Falls

Caesars Head State Park
Cleveland, SC 29635

Cliff Falls is located in Caesars Head State Park. It takes about an hour to hike the 0.8 mile.


1.  From the Post Office in Cleveland where US 276 and SC 11 meet, take 276 fo 12.5 miles to Caesars Head State Park.

2.  Park at the visitors center and walk across 276 to Frank Coggins Trail #15.

3.  Follow FCT#15 for 0.8 mile to a footbridge at the top of Cliff Falls.

4. Here, FTC#15 connects to The Gap Trail #6. Turn LEFT onto TGT#6 and hike 100 feet to a side trail to your left.

5. Take this side trail to see the upper tiers of Cliff Falls.

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