Lee Falls
Mountain Rest

Lee Falls

Sumter National Forest
Mountain Rest, SC 29664
One of Oconee County’s most scenic waterfall, this 75-foot high falls has no official trail.  But hikers and hunters have been making the difficult, 1.5 mile trip here for hundreds of years. Tamassee Creek feeds the falls and the surrounding vegetation which includes botanical rarities such as Oconee bells and bulblet ferns.  A spray cliff also buttresses the waterfall, allowing a quasi-aquatic habitat of amphibians, mosses, and ferns to thrive.  You'll cross several streams on the way to falls, so be prepared to get your feet wet.  Hunting is allowed in this area so wear brightly colored clothes. GPS Waypoints Lat: 34.8947 Lon: -83.102 DIRECTIONS: 1. From the intersection of SC 11 (Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway) and SC 28 at Walhalla, drive NORTH on SC 11 for 8.3 miles and turn LEFT (west) onto Cheohee Valley Road (Oconee County S-37-375). 2. Drive 2.3 miles and turn LEFT onto Tamassee Knob Road (S-37-95). 3. Drive .5 mile and turn RIGHT (northwest) onto Jumping Branch Road. 4. Drive 1.5 miles and turn LEFT (northwest) onto FS 715A (gravel road).  (Pass FS 715 on the left and continue 0.2 miles to FS 175A.) 5. Drive 0.5 mile to parking area on the RIGHT (just before small bridge over Tamassee Creek). 6. At the NORTH end of the parking area, strike out through the middle of the first of three fields, crossing creeks as you come to them. 7. At the end of the last field, the trail enters the woods. 8. Hike through the woods for .3 mile and take the LEFT fork, crossing a creek , and head toward the larger branch of Tamassee Creek. 9. Hike another .2 mile and follow Tamassee creek upstream to a point where the trail gets very rocky and obstructed. You are less than .2 mile from the falls. You may have to cross the creek several times depending on conditions. 10. Once you can see the falls, you should be on the SOUTH side, which is the best place to be to view the falls. As we just provide information, if you have a question regarding a particular trail, it is best to contact the source listed. We encourage good stewardship of our natural resources.  Be prepared for your outing and Leave No Trace of your visit. For more hiking and waterfall trips, check out the publications of Milestone Press Disclaimer The information on this website is used entirely at the reader's discretion, and is made available on the expressed condition that no liability, expressed or implied, is accepted by Discover Upcountry Carolina Association or any of its associates, employees or affiliates for the accuracy, content or use thereof. Links to other websites from this website do not imply endorsement by Discover Upcountry Carolina Association.


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