Bootlegging in Spartanburg

The city of Spartanburg had its first official, legal, distillery with Motte & Sons Bootlegging Company when they opened their doors on August 21, 2014. They are the fifth micro-distillery in the state of South Carolina and a winner of the city’s Main Street Challenge.

Their location, 220 E. Daniel Morgan Avenue, is adjacent to Barent Park and the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center. They have a beautiful showroom and produce their products onsite.

It’s fitting that they are on Daniel Morgan Avenue, as their signature whiskey, distilled from corn and malted barley, is called The General. A picture of General Daniel Morgan graces the front of the bottle and a short description of his pivotal role in the Revolutionary War is on the back.

They are producing five products currently. The American Light Whiskey mentioned above. If you like bourbon, you’ll want to try this one. They have a vodka distilled from malted barley and malted white wheat. There’s the Palmetto Rum which is derived from sugar cane. Their brandy is made from California white grapes. A brown rum is distilled from molasses and sugar cane and then barrel aged. They’ve told us that five more products are in the works: a gin, a vanilla vodka, a cinnamon whiskey, a tequila, and some moonshine.

It’s worth noting here that they call themselves bootleggers and go to great lengths on their website detailing the “Whiskey Rebellion” and Gen. Daniel Morgan’s role in putting down this uprising. So there might be a wink of irony that the General’s face is on every bottle of whiskey. Afterall, bootleggers aren’t know for their respect of authority.

Stop in and have a sample to see what you like. We guarantee it’s the nicest bootlegging operation you’ll ever come across.

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