Stumphouse Mountain Bike Park

Stumphouse Park is a pristine 440-acre property that includes Stumphouse Tunnel, Issaqueena Falls, the Stumphouse Passage of the Palmetto Trail, the Stumphouse Mountain Bike Park, and the
Blue Ridge Railroad hiking trail.

The lastest edition to this outdoor oasis is Stumphouse Mountain Bike Park, a state-of-the-art mountain biking facility and the only such recreational facility open to the public in the Upcountry. Phase 1 is open with 4 miles of trails. Phase 2 will be opening soon with an additional 6 miles. All 10 miles of flow trails are designed for beginner mountain biking with big berms, rollers, tables, rock gardens and more! The bike park can be accessed from trailheads at both ends of Stumphouse Passage, but the easiest access is via the parking lot for Issaqueena Falls.

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