Turn up the heat this summer at the BMW Performance Center

The BMW Performance Center is nirvana for the driving enthusiast and BMW lover alike. With several class options, a staff of pro driving instructors and an entire fleet of brand-new BMWs, we’ve got everything you need for a day of speed.

East coast drivers can head to picturesque Spartanburg-Greenville, South Carolina, just across the street from our BMW X factory, and those out west can visit our location near sunny Palm Springs, California. Both locations feature closed tracks where you can explore the limits of adhesion. From the basics of Teen School, to the exhilaration of Driver’s School and the high-octane rush of M School, we feature something for every level of driver to experience.

And if you’re looking for a new kind of rush, we’re proud to announce our newest location at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Drivers can race past history on this famous track, where Half-and Full-Day events allow you to push an M car like never before.

Our paddock is always fully stocked with the latest in high-performance Bavarian metal, and our pro instructors are there every step of the way as they guide you via walkie-talkie through various exercises designed to push your limits. Slalom courses, rat races, timed laps and the wet skid pad are here to let you feel what a 617-horsepower M Twin Power Turbo V-8–powered BMW M5 can do on the edge. If you’ve ever wanted to drift or take on your friends to see who can do timed laps the fastest, now is your chance.

Both our South Carolina and California locations feature a gourmet café that offers lunch and special dinners, conference rooms with WiFi and projectors plus a gift shop filled with exclusive BMW gear that you can’t get anywhere else.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new BMW, we’ve got an event just for you–Performance Center Delivery in South Carolina. Order any new BMW and choose to take delivery of it right here. You’ll receive a complimentary stay and dinner at one of the area’s luxurious hotels. The next day, you’ll be picked up and brought here for some track time behind the wheel of a BMW just like the one you’ve purchased. Finally, you’ll be introduced to your new baby with a one-on-one session, when you and a BMW specialist will go over every feature of your BMW together. It’s a special experience reserved for the most discerning BMW driver.

Whether you choose to take delivery with us or experience one of our heart-pounding classes, we’re sure you’ll emerge as a better driver and one better able to appreciate the amazing engineering that goes into each Ultimate Driving Machine®.

For more information, visit bmwperformancecenter.com. To book your own event, please call 888-345-4269.


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